Positioning for a new Norwegian offshore wind industry

Utsira North

Southern North Sea II

Utsira North will be developed around 25 km off the coast of Karmøy with an expected capacity of around 1,500 MW.
Southern North Sea II is located approximately 140 km off the coast of the Agder Region and is expected to be developed in two phases, each phase having a capacity of around 1,500 MW.

Offshore wind has the potential of becoming a new, large Norwegian industry resulting in thousands of jobs.

Our consortium aims to contribute to the development of offshore wind in Norway in general, and the first commercial offshore wind projects in Utsira and Southern North Sea II, in particular. Read more about our consultation response - Proposal for division of Utsira North and Southern North Sea II here.

Local industrial competencies

Through the development of future projects in Norway, we will focus on strengthening the local industrial competencies, and ensuring the successful development of the Norwegian offshore wind supply chain, including several local job opportunities.

Our combined values and strengths

At Skjoldblad, we have proven technical expertise in both bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind and in-depth knowledge of, and experience in, delivering energy projects in Norway. Coupled with our strong understanding of the Norwegian market, and networks of local stakeholder contacts, we will use our experience to strengthen the local industrial competencies, successfully develop the Norwegian offshore wind supply chain, and create local jobs.