Skjoldblad consists of two words, «shield» and «blade».

Our name is inspired by the skjoldblad plant, growing in the harsh coastal environment of western Norway.

The name and our logo signify our commitment to the successful development of a Norwegian offshore wind industry, creation of local jobs, and the use of pioneering industrial technology to harness and deliver clean green energy, to Norwegian industry and consumers.

Our commitments

Protect the climate and nature

We are living in unprecedented times, where climate change threatens the vulnerable environment on which our very existence depends. It is Skjoldblad’s mission to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change through the generation of new, clean, offshore wind power that will also create green jobs in the process.

Stakeholder Interaction

At Skjoldblad, our approach to offshore wind development, construction and operation is one that focuses on the long-term. We believe in building an offshore wind industry that has a strong local footing where developers, the supplier community, authorities, academic institutions, and other key stakeholders work together to deliver a new, shared, enduring, industrial vision.

Establish Norwegian jobs

We will focus on strengthening local industrial expertise, developing Norway’s supply chain, and generating new, green, local jobs. Skjoldblad will utilise its owners’ extensive experience in delivering commercial scale wind projects across the globe. This could come in the form of new jobs or involve us helping those to make the transition from oil and gas, into offshore wind.

Name and logo

The skjoldblad plant, which can withstand heavy sea spray, is considered to be a threatened species. The leaves of the skjoldblad plant all stem from the same shared root, and as such grow together in a community. The plant represents what we, at Skjoldblad, stand for: we recognise that strength, interaction, diversification, and growth are all key factors that are needed to build a strong offshore wind sector here in Norway. Our logo is inspired by the shape of traditional windmills and the skjoldblad plant. Translated, the word skjoldblad means "shield" and "blade". This expresses our commitment to invest in wind energy through pioneering industrial technology and the supply of green energy to Norwegian households and businesses.