Opportunities for the supply chain

The expertise and technology from Norway’s oil and gas sector will help to drive this new offshore wind industry forward. We expect that local suppliers and research institutions, together with developers, will create a strong value chain that will result in the emergence of innovative and cost-effective technology solutions.

Transfer of Norwegian experience

The development of the oil & gas sector in Norway provided opportunities to develop Norwegian based competence and technology, serving not only domestic requirements, but it also paved the way for significant internationalisation of a strong Norwegian supplier industry. A similar development is envisaged with respect to offshore wind, whereby the capabilities and capacities from oil & gas can be capitalised on, and transformed into a new major industry in Norway.

A strong value chain

Skjoldblad has significant experience in engaging with supplier communities and developing strong local value chains. We will work with suppliers, research institutions, and academia in Norway to stimulate innovation by drawing upon the wider global expertise of our owners in the process. Through their worldwide presence, Iberdrola, the Valinor group, and TotalEnergies have already proven to be a door opener for Norwegian suppliers globally, providing them with access to key international markets.

Open-minded and technology neutral

In our pursuit of innovative and cost-efficient development, construction, and operational solutions, our approach is one that is open and technology neutral. This applies to both floating and bottom-fixed installations, whether steel or concrete by design, as well as turbine technology, mooring design, cabling solutions, substations design, operations & maintenance approach, and related monitoring.

An ocean of possibilities

Interested in being part of this new, Norwegian industrial adventure? We would like to engage with Norwegian supply chain companies, and other stakeholders in connection with the upcoming offshore wind opportunities in Norway. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Peder Sortland

Eleni Gaki - skjoldblad

Eleni Gaki

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Øyvind Gundersen

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