Our ambition is to play a leading role in the development of a world-class offshore wind industry in Norway.


Together we will deliver the power needed to meet growing demand, and fuel the energy transition. Our ambition is to become the preferred contributor which enables Norway to develop a strong and competitive world-class offshore wind industry.

Stay close in the long run

At Skjoldblad we believe in a long-term industrial approach with a local foundation (local supply chain), where developers, supply chain, authorities, and other key stakeholders collaborate to develop a thriving new industry in Norway.

Our combined values and strengths

At Skjoldblad, we will leverage technical, commercial and project management experience we have from our significant portfolio of offshore wind projects, financial strength, and global talent pool, to deliver first class projects in Norway. We will focus on strengthening the local industrial competencies, and contribute to the successful development of the Norwegian offshore wind supply chain, including creation of local jobs.

Highest Safety Standards

55 Years in Offshore Norway

Sustainable Development

Protection of the Environment

Innovation and Technology

Strong Financial Solidity & Access to Financing

Reliability & Guarantee for Norway

Expertise in Developing and Operating Similar Projects

Market Leader in Renewable Energy

Robust technical experience